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You don’t fall in love with someone because they are perfect. You fall in love with them because when you are with them, you don’t have to hide or feel ashamed of any aspect of who you are. You fall in love with them because they are right.
Love is never perfect. It only makes sense.  (via hidontbecreepy)
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"Daddy? Come play with me in the back garden."
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"Daddy? Come play with me in the back garden."

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Iloam told me to reblog this. I dont know why.
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Iloam told me to reblog this. I dont know why.

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Collections that Leave You Breathless—> Suneet Varma | India Bridal Fashion Week | 2013 The Golden Bracelet


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rubythistle said: Dear Aelberyn, why is your husband such a grump? I kid, I kid. Everyone is a grump next to my shining personality. Anyway. Is there something that Aelberyn is looking forward to in the near future? (Also, did she come to training today?)

"Depends on what you mean by grump," she chuckles. "If you mean in general, my husband is a grump for a reason I actually appreciate and support. With both his business ventures and matters of our House to think about, it is important to maintain a perception of sobriety and control in public. If you mean, why is he a grump LATELY? I attribute it to the same restlessness many experience lately. I know my boredom of late has worn MY nerves down."

What is Aelberyn looking forward to in the near future? AUTUMN. Everything about autumn. This summer has been really super nice and relaxing, but autumn is her most favorite time of the year for SO MANY reasons. So that’s what she is most looking forward to at the moment.

And yes, she does come to train today, and she plans on pushing herself hard, get back to fighting shape. It would be lame to have to deal with some surprise and not be in shape to deal with it.

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embraelle said: What is Aelberyn's favourite celebration AND favourite way TO celebrate?

Aelberyn’s fav celebration seems to change a lot. For awhile it was Brewfest because it was one of the few times she was almost allowed to relax. Then for a couple years it was Hallow’s End, because she liked dressing in costumes. I think her current favorite celebration is Winter’s Veil, because she likes giving gifts and she likes to decorate everything in festive ways, but also because if she, Jericho and Iloam continue the tradition of doing Winter’s Veil on Jericho’s yacht, that will be a special and unique way for their little family to get together.

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TMI Tuesday Yo

I’ll answer your burning Aelberyn questions. If you have questions for the other dudes I will try to answer those too, HA.